Colour correction complete – (HEIR)


FATAL PICTURES is proud to announce colour correction has been completed on HEIR – Hitting the festival circuit later this year!

Starring Bill Oberst Jr. & Robert Nolan

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The Blood Shed take’s a look @ FAMILIAR



There is one scene in this 24 minute film that is very effects-heavy. But it is all practical effects and it is done beautifully! That scene alone probably doubled or tripled the budget of the film for the quality of the prosthetics and animatronics used. Very well done.

Read the review here.


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Interview with Legless Corpse


We Chat With FATAL PICTURES Horror Maestros Zach Green and Richard Powell

FATAL PICTURES is a Toronto, Canada based film production company consisting of Writer/Director Richard Powell & Producer Zach Green, co-founded by the pair in 2007, focusing on the creation of original & challenging independent genre films. To date, the company has produced three critically acclaimed, award winning short films entitled Consumption (2008), Worm (2010), Familiar (2012) & their fourth film entitled HEIR is currently in post production & exceeded the funding target via Kickstarter. Starring the hardest working man in horror, Emmy Winner Bill Oberst Jr. & Robert Nolan.

Check out the full interview here.


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FAMILIAR on Film Shortage


FATAL PICTURES’ FAMILIAR is now streaming on FILM SHORTAGE for a limited time, don’t miss your chance to check out the critically acclaimed, award winning short film! Check out the film in it’s entirety here.


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FAMILIAR coming to Itunes & Amazon

FATAL PICTURES is very proud to announce FAMILIAR is coming to Itunes & Amazon for Digital Download.


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HEIR (2015) – Almost Picture Locked


FATAL PICTURES’ HEIR – Almost Picture Locked! (Coming 2015)

HEIR synopsis:

After connecting with a stranger of similar interests online, family man Gordon and his young son Paul embark on an ill fated road trip in which Gordon aims to indulge in a secret passion. Before the day ends a horrible truth will be uncovered and a harsh lesson will be learned…

Starring, The Emmy award winning Bill Oberst Jr. (ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS. ZOMBIES, TAKE THIS LOLLIPOP & CHILDREN OF SORROW) & Robert Nolan (,WORM, SICK, FAMILIAR)

Written & Directed by Richard Powell (CONSUMPTION, WORM, & FAMILIAR) Produced by Zach Green (CONSUMPTION, WORM, & FAMILIAR) Marc Roussel & Ron Basch (REMOTE, ELUSIVE MAN & THE SWEETEST HIPPOPOTAMUS) & Richard Powell Special Effects by The Butcher Shop (FAMILIAR) Cinematography by Michael Davidson (SICK, BERKSHIRE COUNTRY & FAMILIAR) Editing by John Nicholls (SEX AFTER KIDS, THE SWEETEST HIPPOPOTAMUS) Music & Sound Design by Bernie Greenspoon (CONSUMPTION, WORM, & FAMILIAR)

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Film Guinea Pig review’s FAMILIAR


Briefly – Familiar

“Being led to believe by a voice in his head that life has passed him by, a middle-aged family man poses a danger to others and then to himself in writer-director Richard Powell’s 2012 short film Familiar.
Definitely worth checking out, Familiar serves as another example of how powerful an actor Nolan is and also prompts excitement as to where Powell and his Fatal Pictures’ producing partner Zach Green are headed next.” Read the entire review here.
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