Idaho Horror Film Festival (2016)


FATAL PICTURES is very honoured to be an Official Selection @ Idaho Horror Film Festival,  Saturday, October 10th 2016 @ 12:00am. Check out the entire lineup here!

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A Night of Horror (2016)


FATAL PICTURES is very proud to announce HEIR will make its Australian Premiere @ A Night of Horror (2016) in Sydney, Australia. Details coming soon!

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Horrifyou praises “HEIR”


FATAL PICTURES greatly appreciates the amazing praise given to HEIR from the amazing guys @ Horrifyou! Listen to the terrific review and why they feel HEIR should be a feature length film. Check out their website here

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Splats of Blood peeps “HEIR”


‘Heir’ – Analogy to the Real Monsters Walking Among Us…


“Starring Bill Oberst Jr. (Resolution, Circus of the Dead, Take this Lollipop) and Robert Nolan (Familiar, Berkshire Country, Silent Retreat) who give amazing performances in their respective roles as Monster and Father. A strong chemistry is held between them and the tension never ends. It’s like I was holding my breath waiting for the next line every time and the exciting relief at the end of the film. Paired with intense lighting and camera angles, you have no choice but to admire Heir in all of its artistry.

Most importantly, Heir is interesting enough even without a personalized statement from Powell. The plot is simple enough and well written for anyone to follow. However, I can see where it may not be as clear to the general public on what they just watched and the full scope of Powell’s message. Needless to say, Heir is a phenomenal work. It’s always a pleasure to see directors such as Powell make such jarring analogies about the real life terrors we face.”


Read the full review here!

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Horror Made interviews Zach Green

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 12.04.57 PM

Today I will be interviewing film producer Zach Green from Fatal Pictures. Fatal Pictures is an ever evolving production company based out of Canada that creates thought provoking short horror films. They are currently working on getting their first full length feature film made. I interviewed writer director Richard Powell from Fatal Pictures a few weeks ago and decided it would be cool to delve deeper into the creative process by speaking to producer Zach Green about their Box Cutter Trilogy films which includes Worm, Familiar, and HEIR. Each short film they create has an element of body horror where the main character uses a box cutter in some horrific way. Read the interview here!

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 12.52.52 PM

For those of you who have not read my interview with Richard Powell about his film HEIR, and my video review of the film you can find it here.

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Sick Flix checks out Familiar (2012)

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 7.03.00 PM

“Bottom line, another great one from Powell and company. I really hope he’s able to break into feature film territory soon because if he does, he could be the kind of unique and brilliant voice that is always needed out there in a world full of remakes and refuse. My one piece of advice for him would be to maintain his artistic integrity at all costs. The world doesn’t need any more directors of watered-down Hollywood sequels and if he can deliver the same kind of uncompromising brilliance in a feature film that we’ve seen in his shorts, then he just may carve out a place in film history as a significant filmmaker that is talked about for years to come.”

Read the entire review here!

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Laughing Horror Podcast w/ Zach Green


Zach Green was recently interviewed on The Laughing Horror Cast! Listen as he discusses the success of HEIR as well as a phenomenal review of the film. Listen here!

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