HEIR wins @ Morbido 2015


FATAL PICTURES is extremely proud & honored that HEIR has won BEST SHORT FILM @ Morbido Film Festival 2015. Check out all the big winners here.


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Leeds International Film Festival (2015)


Fatal Pictures is extremely proud & honored to be an Official Selection @ Leeds International Film Festival, November 7th & nominated to be in the Dark Owl International Fantasy Short Film Competition! Check it out here!

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Cinema Axis reviews HEIR


“How does one deal with the perversion of nature that resides within? That hidden urge that bubbles beneath the surface and the subsequent denial it creates. This is the very thing that the short film Heir sets out to explore.” Read entire review here.

” … guaranteed to make viewers uncomfortable by the power of suggestion.”

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Fatal Pictures Talk Heir


With its UK premiere today, Zombie Hamster caught up with Fatal PicturesRichard Powell and Zach Green to get the lowdown on their disturbing masterwork, Heir.

If we were to compile a top ten of the very best short scare flicks of the last five years or so, three of them would belong to Fatal Pictures. The brainchild of writer/director Richard Powell and producer Zach Green, the Canadian indie duo first shook us back in 2010 with the dynamic Worm; an unbearably tense human horror story the pair sequalised (sort of) with 2012’s skin-crawling mini-classic, Familiar. Their latest, HEIR, however is the best of the lot; a 13 minute gut-knotter staring straight into a taboo-busting abyss of incest and child abuse. A truly disturbing masterwork, it’s been stuck in our collective Hamster craw since we saw it. earlier this month

Following a winning screening on home turf at the Toronto After Dark Festival last week, Heir makes its UK debut today as part of Sheffield’s Celluloid Screams line-up; and for those there, it’s simply a must-see. What better time, then, for Zombie Hamster tocatch up with its makers… Read the interview here.




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Toronto After Dark 2015


FATAL PICTURES is very proud & honored to have our film HEIR have it’s home town Premiere @ Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2015! On October 18th @ 7:00pm! @ Scotiabank Movie Theatre, down town Toronto. Click here for tickets!

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Rue Morgue cover’s HEIR

Rue Morgue HEIR2

Rue Morgue cover’s Fantasia International Film Festival’s Small Gauge Trauma Shorts program and give’s ‪HEIR‬ a much appreciated mention!

“The most interesting and challenging film of this year’s programme (Fantasia’s Small Gauge Trauma), however, was HEIR, by Canadian Filmmaker Richard Powell. Part Body Horror, part H.P Lovecraft, part beautiful B-movie, the film is a reflection on the traumas of familial lineage, reminding audiences that the horror genre is at it’s best when it becomes an experience of the sensual (the senses) over the sensible (the rational)”           – Rue Morgue

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Cinema Slasher reviews HEIR (2015)

cinema slasher

Zach Green and Richard Powell from Canada’s Fatal Pictures have been making horror short films for nearly a decade. With phenomenal movies like Familiar having been released under their banner, it’s no surprise that their latest, Heir, is an effective, weird, and genuinely unsettling short.

Powell keeps things relatively ambiguous throughout; avoiding needless exposition and leaving numerous questions unanswered. Utilizing bizarre sexual imagery and disgusting practical effects, Heir is an intelligent and metaphorical horror tale that asks the frightening question of what if the evilest of humans are monsters in the most literal sense?” Read the full review here.

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