I Horror nominates HEIR for Best Short Film


FATAL PICTURES is VERY HONORED to have HEIR nominated for BEST SHORT FILM. From the great folks @ I Horror ! Please go vote for HEIR now, here!

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The Year in Horror, 2015: Fantasia’s Small Gauge Trauma Shorts

Big thanks to FANGORIA for this great coverage!

As we continue to look back at the year recently concluded, attention must be paid to the short films that made their way around the fest circuit. And there’s no better sampler than a look at those minimovies that played in the Small Gauge Trauma lineup at last summer’s Fantasia festival in Montreal, many of them making world or international premieres.

Small Gauge Trauma has always been an excellent sampler of what this particular film scene has to offer, and the 2015 crop was no exception: “HEIR, by Richard Powell: The “eewwwww” factor is high as a father takes his son to a “play date” with an old college pal that’s unsavory to start with and gets more grotesque as it goes along. Powell handles potentially exploitative subject matter with a certain amount of restraint for the most part, with plenty of uncomfortable intimations, and makes good use of the ubiquitous Bill Oberst Jr.’s creepy talents as the dad’s friend. In fact, it’s such a strong exploration—and indictment—of behavioral horror that the inclusion of explicit slime-monster FX in the second half feels a little misjudged (though the special makeup by The Butcher Shop, even in tight close-up, is first-rate). Check out the entire article here!

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HEIR (2015) Easily the best horror short I saw in 2015. HEIR comes to us from Fatal Pictures, the same crew that brought us WORM and FAMILIAR. HEIR, though, goes further then the two shorts before it, and delves into some truly depraved and disturbing territory. Starring Robert Nolan, who starred in all three shorts from Fatal Pictures, HEIR is a story that takes the idea of anyone who abuses a child as being a monster to the next level. As writer-director Richard Powell explains:

“HEIR suggests that victimization through sexual abuse leads to mutation of the psyche, soul and in our film, flesh itself.”

HEIR is a brilliant short film that will get under your skin and have you thinking about it for weeks on end. Check out the entire list here!

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Landshut Film Festival (2016)


Fatal Pictures is extremely proud & honored to be an Official Selection @  Landshuter Film Festival, March 9th – 14th 2016


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Dread Central reviews HEIR (2015)


“Once the film’s three focal players share the frame, things escalate from eerie to nauseating and eventually downright paralyzing. While we won’t spill too many details of the story, you can bet that Heir will leave you juggling a myriad of emotions, with fear and disgust fronting the pack. If you’re a parent, you may opt to skip this one entirely. That said, if you’re a fanatic for original films that deliver shock and awe through every transition, you should seek this one out immediately. It’s heartbreaking and stomach-turning. It’s also one of the greatest short films to be released in 2015.” Entire review here!

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Horror Freak News’ Top Short Films of 2015


FATAL PICTURES is very honored & proud that #HEIR made #2 on Horror Freak News’ Best Short Films of 2015! Check out the entire list here.

“Perhaps the most disturbing short film to be released this year, Richard Powell’s Heir takes discomfort to an entirely new level. If this movie doesn’t make you feel uneasy, you might not be human. I don’t aim to give too much away, but look for a very jarring father/son tale with a wild monster twist. And keep your eyes on Bill Oberst Jr. – he’s ridiculously (can’t emphasize that enough) creepy in this certified treasure!”

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Pissed off Geek takes a look @ HEIR


“Films are at their most powerful when they get a reaction from you. They can make you angry, feel disgusted, some even make you feel hate. The most powerful those are the ones that stick in your mind and make you wonder just what you watched. Heir is a new short by writer/director Richard Powell that will leave you feeling disgusted, but in all the right ways.” Entire review here.

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