Sick Flix checks out Familiar (2012)

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“Bottom line, another great one from Powell and company. I really hope he’s able to break into feature film territory soon because if he does, he could be the kind of unique and brilliant voice that is always needed out there in a world full of remakes and refuse. My one piece of advice for him would be to maintain his artistic integrity at all costs. The world doesn’t need any more directors of watered-down Hollywood sequels and if he can deliver the same kind of uncompromising brilliance in a feature film that we’ve seen in his shorts, then he just may carve out a place in film history as a significant filmmaker that is talked about for years to come.”

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Laughing Horror Podcast w/ Zach Green


Zach Green was recently interviewed on The Laughing Horror Cast! Listen as he discusses the success of HEIR as well as a phenomenal review of the film. Listen here!

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5 Directors you should keep an eye on

There are a lot of great indie directors out there among the pool of not so good ones. Many who go unnoticed.

Below are five directors who have been on my radar for a while, and they should be on yours too! I encourage you to read about them and seek out their films, many of which are on VOD or available to purchase online and or in stores. Others are coming soon. Which ever it is, you’ll want to keep an eye out for future projects from these talented directors.

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 Check out the full article here!

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Sick Flix reviews “HEIR”

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“Even beyond the technical proficiency of the film the story itself is what really makes it daring and vital. Regardless of how well a film is shot there must be a deeper meaning to the story for it to cross the line from entertainment to significant art. By discussing a subject that is horrible but undeniably real, Powell elevates his film beyond the myriad of shorts that seek to merely shock and disgust to the all-too-infrequent group that truly have something to say. My hope is that this film becomes available in some way for people to watch outside of the festival circuit because it is without a doubt a trip into darkness well worth taking.”

Read the entire review here!

5 out of 5 

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Haddonfield Horror talks to Richard Powell

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Interview with Heir director Richard Powell


There is much I want to discuss with the making of this film, but let’s start with its central idea: child abuse. Why tackle this subject?
I prefer writing damaged, complex leads and I don’t think you can tackle a more a damaged or complex lead than this. The “protagonist” in HEIR would be the “antagonist” in any other film but protagonist and antagonist are simple terms that don’t really apply to the characters in HEIR, the notion of hero and villain don’t really apply.  HEIR is very much about the grey area between good and evil and asks what is it that compels us to do the things we do and to what degree are we responsible for those actions. This subject matter is fertile soil for that conversation.
Continue to read the interview here!
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HorrorTalk reviews “HEIR”

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“Richard Powell’s Heir manages to creep me out, make me cringe and surprise me all in under fifteen minutes.”

“Heir sets the bar as high as it can be when it comes to all the added elements that make a short and powerful piece. Many horror stories have pleasant endings or ones that leave audiences fulfilled. Heir is a painful and tormenting drag from its beginning all the way through to the resolution, leaving no good feelings. The work that was put in to garnish this type of emotion is nothing short of masterful. Remember, not all works of art are supposed to leave people feeling euphoric or happy. Heir is a perfect example that film can be beautifully constructed and hideously captivating at the same exact time.”

Read the entire review here!

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Interview with writer/director Richard Powell & HEIR review : Horror Made

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Huge thank you to Immortal Alexander @ Horror Made for this very informative interview with writer/director Richard Powell on HEIR. Check out the interview here!

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