Hang Up!: The Most Acrimonious Phone Call Ever

Read the full review & check out Hang Up! in it’s entirety now! Only @ IndieShortsMag


“Shot entirely in monochrome and within the limited confines of Gary’s working space, Richard Powell’s Hang Up! is hard-hitting with its acerbic dialogues, setting and premise. Gary receives a call from his wife, Emelia, who remains an unseen character throughout the 13:43 minutes of the film’s runtime. Robert Nolan who plays Gary is the only one we see on screen and yet his entire life, wife and child, play in front of our eyes, only due to the stellar writing, also by Powell. When Emelia’s accidental butt dial results in a call to Gary, he is nonchalant about it as he is about to the cut the call – only for the ill-fated temptation that takes over instead.”


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