Horrorfuel.com Interviews Prodcuer: Zach Green

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Interview: Picking The Brain Of Fatal Pictures Producer, Zach Green. Check out the interview here.

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HorrorFuel.com delves into HEIR


HEIR, From Fatal Pictures, Is A Truly Disturbing Short Film

“All things considered this is a really well done short film, with subject matter that fits solidly within the horror genre. If it disturbs its audience or makes them at all uncomfortable, the filmmakers have done their jobs well. Seeing what Powell can create in a time span under 20 minutes, makes me want to see what he can do with something feature length.”

Check out this terrific review of HEIR here.

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HEIR plays Calgary Horror Con ’17


HEIR comes back to Canada to Calgary, to the Calgary Horror Con 2017! June 10th – 11th. www.horror-con.ca

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Fatal Pictures on BITS TV 2017


Huge thanks to Kelly Michael Stewart for having FATAL PICTURES on Blood In The Snow TV. Airing only on Bell Fibe TV. Dates to follow! In the meantime here is a little preview!

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FYFC Studios’ FEARCAST Interviews Producer Zach Green


Producer Zach Green interviewed on FYFC Studios’ FEARCAST! Listen as he discusses the success of FATAL PICTURES’ previous film(s) & upcoming projects! Listen here!

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Grave Plot Podcast delves into “HEIR”


“The whole thing is clearly a metaphor for child abuse, but I don’t think it’s one of those “get it?” type moments that can cause you to audibly groan and turn off the TV. It’s obvious, sure, but writer/director Richard Powell does a good job of not clubbing you over the head with a simile. While Denis feels free to let his inner monster out, Gordon is repressed and trying to hide his shame. It’s all deeply troubling when you stop and think about it.

Heir won the Most Effectively Offensive award at the Boston Underground Film Festival in 2016 and the Director’s Award for Best Short Film at Morbido Fest in 2015. It is a very well put together film and it moves along at a good pace, keeping you guessing until the very end. I enjoyed it and would recommend it. It’s dark, it’s disturbing, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s down right gross.

And that’s the point.”

Read the entire review here.

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(Producer) Zach Green on FEARCAST


Wednesday, February 1st, producer Zach Green will be on Fearcast from FYFC Studios. Where he will be discussing the success of FAMILIAR, HEIR & upcoming projects! More details to follow in the near future! The show will be archived here!

New FYFC Studios Website Header

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