FYFC Studios checks out HEIR

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Big thanks to FYFC STUDIOS for this fabulous review!

“I’ve watched it 5 times. 3 back to back to back. For something that is only 15 mins long it is amazingly powerful. It’s taken me this long just to formulate my thoughts. In 15 mins Richard Powell drives a pick axe into your psyche. Robert Nolan is great and Bill Oberst Jr. is incredibly sinister and amazing.” Read the entire review here!

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Vincent Price’s Laugh Podcast checks out “HEIR”


Up first is Fatal Pictures‘ production, Heir.

This film has been making its way around the world festival circuit this year, and has been generating some deserved buzz. Written and directed by Richard Powell, the film aims to raise questions about some rather dark-natured things. We didn’t quite know what to expect, given all that we really knew about it going in was that it featured some considerably gooey practical effects, and it was designed to make the viewer uncomfortable. 

Bill Oberst, Jr. turning out a very creepy performance in Heir. The forcefulness of this film is that it causes you to confront certain assumptions you may have concerning sexual predators, the cycle of abuse, and the humanity (or lack thereof) of abusers. We typically think of these kinds of perpetrators as sick, mentally ill, or even less than human. What Heir does is challenge viewers to contemplate whether these characters can be sympathetic – and what happens when they are? Are they any less monstrous? Listen here!


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Fright Meter Awards: 2016 “HEIR”


FATAL PICTURES is very proud to announce HEIR has been nominated for BEST SHORT HORROR FILM @ The 2016 Fright Meter Awards: Check out all the nominations here!

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A Night Of Horror International Film Festival (2016)


HEIR set to make its Australian Premiere @ A Night Of Horror International Film Festival, on Sunday, November 27th, 2016 in Newtown, Australia. Check out the full lineup of films & get your tickets now!

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A Night of Horror (AUS Premiere)


FATAL PICTURES’ HEIR is an Official Selection & will have its Australian Premiere @ A Night of Horror International Film Festival, this November 27th 2016! Check out full line up here!


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Pophorror interviews Zach Green


Fatal Pictures’ Zach Green Interview (2016)


“A relative newcomer to the filmmaking life, Zach Green and his production company Fatal Pictures have only been creating movies since 2007, but he has already made a name for himself in indie horror circles. As the driving force behind extreme horror shorts Familiar (2012), Heir (2015), Consumption (2008) and Worm (2010), Zach knows what he wants in a horror movie and surrounds himself with the people who can make it happen. The producer teamed up with director Richard Powell to build Fatal Pictures from the ground up. Together they found actor Robert Nolan to make three of the four shorts so far attributed to Fatal Pictures, and if these films say anything about his future, then you can guarantee that you’ll be seeing the name Zach Green right alongside Eli Roth and James Wan in the very near future.” Read the interview here!


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LeglessCorpse Film Festival (2016)


FATAL PICTURES is very proud to be a part of The LeglessCorpse Film Festival this October 29th – 30th 2016 in Decatur, Alabama. For tickets & more info please click here.

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