The Year in Horror, 2015: Fantasia’s Small Gauge Trauma Shorts

Big thanks to FANGORIA for this great coverage!

As we continue to look back at the year recently concluded, attention must be paid to the short films that made their way around the fest circuit. And there’s no better sampler than a look at those minimovies that played in the Small Gauge Trauma lineup at last summer’s Fantasia festival in Montreal, many of them making world or international premieres.

Small Gauge Trauma has always been an excellent sampler of what this particular film scene has to offer, and the 2015 crop was no exception: “HEIR, by Richard Powell: The “eewwwww” factor is high as a father takes his son to a “play date” with an old college pal that’s unsavory to start with and gets more grotesque as it goes along. Powell handles potentially exploitative subject matter with a certain amount of restraint for the most part, with plenty of uncomfortable intimations, and makes good use of the ubiquitous Bill Oberst Jr.’s creepy talents as the dad’s friend. In fact, it’s such a strong exploration—and indictment—of behavioral horror that the inclusion of explicit slime-monster FX in the second half feels a little misjudged (though the special makeup by The Butcher Shop, even in tight close-up, is first-rate). Check out the entire article here!

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