Though my favorite subgenre of horror varies with the changing seasons, body horror has always been one of my obsessions. Out of all of the short films I checked out this week, FAMILIAR is by far my favorite. Fantastically acted. Suspensefully shot. And gruelingly written; FAMILIAR allows you into the head of one desperately apathetic man.

I can’t recommend FAMILIAR enough.  -AICN, Ambush Bug

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On the surface, this short film would seem to break the cardinal rule of show, don’t tell. For the first thirteen minutes of this 23-minute short, John’s narration is constant. Right from the first frame we hear his thoughts. It is only after that point that we figure out what we were hearing was not what it seemed, and the film becomes even more ominous. And disgusting. I mean, we’re talking straight-up old school Cronenberg body horror, or even Doug Buck’s CUTTING MOMENTS.  Read full review here.


As a storyteller, Powell has done damn fine work here as it’s not an easy feat to give viewers 24 minutes of a voiceover and not have it become tedious. But in Familiar the VO works- partially due to Powell’s script and partially due to the stellar performance by leading man Nolan, whose passive and restrained performance is downright perfection and evokes an uneasy atmosphere from frame one that never waivers. I’d love to see more from both Powell and Nolan in the future.  With Familiar being recently completed, we expect the short film to be making the festival rounds soon so make sure you check out this bizarrely wicked short for yourself if it makes its way into your town in the coming months. Harrowing and deeply personal, Familiar is essentially a dark and disturbing journey through a struggling spouse’s yearning for freedom that climaxes in a fantastically gooey and gory fashion that will leave the gorehounds clapping in glee by the time the credits begin to roll. Read full review here.

4 out of 5



The duo made their first short, CONSUMPTION, in 2008, and more recently completed WORM and FAMILIAR, both starring Robert Nolan. WORM has been out a little while now, screening at events like The Sydney Underground Film Festival, Dark Bridges Film Festival, & The Horror Society Film Festival, but expect more play around the country this year, along with FAMILIAR. Read full review’s here.

FANGORIA’S, Kelly Stewart Review’s Worm (2010) & Familiar (2012)



The first half of this film is absorbing, giving the viewer a peak into the life of a broken man, but the second half is difficult and disgusting, the viewer a peak inside the broken man himself. Director Richard Powell has a bright future ahead of him. It isn’t often a filmmaker can both engage and disturb an audience with equal febrility, but Powell does this with skill and precision. If you get a chance to see Familiar during its festival run I’d suggest checking it out because it an absolutely killer film. Read full review here.


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