Zach Green and Richard Powell of Canada-based Fatal Pictures return with Heir, their latest horror short film… and boy, it’s a disturbing one.

“Overall, Heir is one of the most disturbing short films you’re likely to see anywhere. Without a single word of lewd dialogue, and without ever outright stating its actual premise, or actually showing you anything, it manages to capture a skin-crawling, unsettling terror that will actually make you feel a bit guilty for watching this. It’s true, visceral, psychological horror that preys on your emotions and morality, while reminding you of the real monsters that live among us. It’s an excellent film from an outstanding cast and crew that’s well worth seeing… 9.0/10″

Check out the entire review here.


About FatalPictures

FATAL PICTURES is a Canadian, Toronto based film production company consisting of Writer/Director Richard Powell & Producer Zach Green. Co-Founded together in 2007. Focusing on the creation of original & challenging independent genre film(s). To date the company has produced three critically acclaimed, award winning short films entitled, Consumption (2008), Worm (2010), Familiar (2012) & their fourth film entitled HEIR, which currently in post production & exceeded the funding target via Kickstarter. Starring the hardest working man in horror, Emmy Winner Bill Oberst Jr. & Robert Nolan.
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