Fatal Pictures Talk Heir


With its UK premiere today, Zombie Hamster caught up with Fatal PicturesRichard Powell and Zach Green to get the lowdown on their disturbing masterwork, Heir.

If we were to compile a top ten of the very best short scare flicks of the last five years or so, three of them would belong to Fatal Pictures. The brainchild of writer/director Richard Powell and producer Zach Green, the Canadian indie duo first shook us back in 2010 with the dynamic Worm; an unbearably tense human horror story the pair sequalised (sort of) with 2012’s skin-crawling mini-classic, Familiar. Their latest, HEIR, however is the best of the lot; a 13 minute gut-knotter staring straight into a taboo-busting abyss of incest and child abuse. A truly disturbing masterwork, it’s been stuck in our collective Hamster craw since we saw it. earlier this month

Following a winning screening on home turf at the Toronto After Dark Festival last week, Heir makes its UK debut today as part of Sheffield’s Celluloid Screams line-up; and for those there, it’s simply a must-see. What better time, then, for Zombie Hamster tocatch up with its makers… Read the interview here.





About FatalPictures

FATAL PICTURES is a Canadian, Toronto based film production company consisting of Writer/Director Richard Powell & Producer Zach Green. Co-Founded together in 2007. Focusing on the creation of original & challenging independent genre film(s). To date the company has produced three critically acclaimed, award winning short films entitled, Consumption (2008), Worm (2010), Familiar (2012) & their fourth film entitled HEIR, which currently in post production & exceeded the funding target via Kickstarter. Starring the hardest working man in horror, Emmy Winner Bill Oberst Jr. & Robert Nolan.
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