Interview with Daily Grindhouse (FAMILIAR, HEIR)




There’s very little familiar about Richard Powell’s demented body-horror short-film FAMILIAR. While ostensibly digging into the Cronenbergian idea of organic rot or a diseased “other” taking control, the short Canadian film chooses to take a much different approach to the idea of an internal struggle – climaxing in an explicit act of self mutilation that is as cathartic as it is horrific. Never has a mid-life crisis been so overwhelmingly bleak. Powell and FAMILIAR producer Zach Green have recently finished fundraising for HEIR, the final short film from their production company Fatal Pictures. The upcoming short will feature Robert Nolan once again, as well as genre stalwart Bill Oberst Jr., and will (proudly) use practical FX to bring to life what sounds like an incredibly unique monster film. As they transition into production, Green and Powell took some time to chat with Daily Grindhouse about the history of Fatal Pictures, crowdfunding, and the mechanics of body-horror. Read the very insightful interview here


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