El Gore dabbles in the “FAMILIAR”


El Gore review’s “FAMILIAR” (2012)

Second there is the work of director of photography Michael Jari Davidson and especially The Butcher Shop special effect team. Familiar is not a brutal, bloody flick per se but the team did an amazing job in creating the physical monster growing inside Nolan. The movie has this strong Cronenberg touch and the FX team, which to be honest was my biggest fear, didn’t fuck it up but rather up the ante. The interplay of the filming aesthetics, the acting and the special effects works perfectly.  Third aspect to be mentioned is the incredible turn of the movie and it’s smooth transition. Not that a turn can’t be foreseen in some way or an other but believe me it is going to be heavier as you may think. Whereas a lot of movies lose in authenticity by introducing a physical monster, Powell was able to maintain and even reinforce the specific cinematic atmosphere dominated by disease and disaster. I am sure that a lot of people made up their own interpretation of the ending and so do I but I won’t share it with you. Instead I highly recommend to watch it! Read the full review here.


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