Zombie Hamster Interviews Fatal Pictures

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Zombie Hamster Interviews Fatal Pictures

Familiar is the third short film from indie outfit Fatal Pictures. It is an engrossing and surprising tale of a man’s dissatisfaction in regards to his own existence, one which is permeated by regret & a desire to break away. The protagonist, John Dodd, is played by Robert Nolan, a captivating & powerful onscreen presence. He spews forth an internalised litany of abuse towards his wife Charlotte (Astrida Auza) & daughter Jordan (Cathryn Hostick). This interior monologue becomes more intense, its hatred becoming increasingly dangerous, as Robert is driven to stomach churning acts of despicability and violence. Richard Powell & Zach Green have created a concise classic with Familiar, eliciting more ennui and pathos than most features. It’s a horrific film, as well as a horror film, which balances the fantastical & metaphorical elements alongside the harsh drudgery of real life. Beautifully shot and deeply affecting, I couldn’t pass up the chance to speak with Richard & Zach about their movie. Read Interview here.


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