(Starburst Magazine) Mayhem Horror Film Festival 2012 – Day 4

Event Report: Mayhem Horror Film Festival 2012 – Day 4

The Mayhem Horror Festival cracked on at a wicked pace at Nottingham’s Broadway Cinema yesterday with killer sushi, bad dads, ghostly kids, Israeli psychos and a raft of scary shorts.”

Familiar is a powerful and clever study of the angst of middle age, as a man’s dream of leaving his wife is thwarted by her unexpected pregnancy. He begins to suspect that his increasingly negative impulses are not his own, and the ‘familiar’ of the title takes on new meaning. Richard Powell’s perfectly judged combination of psychological anguish and body horror would not be out of place in a Masters of Horror-type TV slot.  Ethereal Chrysalis defies description. The organisers of Mayhem thought it perhaps the strangest film they had ever seen, and it certainly had a visionary quality about it in a William Blake sort of way. The audience loved it though.” Read the full article here.

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