Interview with (Producer) Zach Green

Interview with Zach Green, Co Founder of Fatal Pictures and Producer of Familiar.

If I’m being perfectly honest 2012 has been a rank disappointment in terms of film for me. Every single geek property that’s been produced I’ve not felt particularly infused or in love with. The Avengers was fun to a point, but the first hour and twenty minutes was a grind to get through and even though the last hour was balls to the wall action, you can;t help but think you’re watching one computer generated image punching another. Believe me I’m no film snob i enjoy an action packed popcorn movie as much as the next person, it just wasn’t the reincarnation of Jesus, the ultimate cure for cancer and re-release of the Spiral bar that it was made out to be.  However one of my favourite things I’ve watched this year was the absolutely fantastic Familiar. Directed by Richard Powell and Produced by Zach Green and under their own production house Fatal PicturesFamiliar evokes memories of the early David Cronenberg as well as having a bleak as hell streak of black comedy running though it, luckily we have been able to interview Zach Green hope you enjoy. Read the Interview here.

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