Interview with Writer/Director Richard Powell

Exclusive Interview Richard Powell Writer/Director of Worm and Familiar

Few short film writer/directors have caused as much buzz with their work in the genre over the last few years as Richard Powell, the writer/director of the critically acclaimed shorts “Consumption”, “Worm”, and “Familiar‘.  Alongside his film partner at Fatal Pictures, producer Zach Green, he’s created a series of deeply disturbing works that examine the darker side of human nature and find horror in the all-too-real capacity for evil that people hide inside themselves.  With “Familiar” currently making the rounds in festival play, Richard had a short email interview with Crypticpsych, James Lasome of, on his inspirations, the special effects and themes of his shorts, his work with actor Robert Nolan, and the importance of making the villain/antagonist the star of the story. Read full Interview here.

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