DownRight Creepy Review’s “FAMILIAR” (2012)

Most impressive about Familiar, beyond the stellar acting and obvious production quality, was the story it was able to effectively set up and then completely derail, straight into another level of paranoia and terror. Derail is a term that is typically used negatively by snarky film critics, but in the case of Familiar I mean it in a completely superlative way. The final portion of this movie feels like an out of control train could go in any direction, destroying anything in its path. Again, that kind of frenetic energy and horror is rarely even seen in feature films, let alone in Familiar’s short film brethren.  If given the chance, you should sit down and watch Familiar. Watch it to revel in what they were able to create on a small budget and twenty-four minutes of story time. Richard Powell is a guy I’d like to see make a feature length horror movie someday, and after Familiar completes its run through the developmental league I would be shocked if he doesn’t. Read full review here.


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